Timed engagement Interact when your guests want.

With Chatdesk you can send timed email or SMS to your guest, so that he can engage with hotel staff and resolve his queries.
For example - you can send message to guest, 24 hours before his check-in is due so that he can chat with suppor staff and use the hotel car to to reach the premises from airport.

Timed message

Realtime chat Direct conversation causing no intrusion

Hotel guests can chat with staff and get their issues resolved from anywhere, using the realtime chat solution provided.

Realtime chat

Showcase Display the hotel and its facilities

Hotel guests these days want to learn more about the hotel that they are staying at. You can showcase the hotel facilites, enabling everyone to know the gym that you have, or the under used breakfast menu of yours.

You can also tell the story of your hotel and its history and make him/her realise the heritage of the place.

Hotel menu Hotel heritage

Sell Guests can order from anywhere using their phone

Guests like to see things on their phone these days and order from the comfort of a touch screen. They don't want to requests things on a phone call.

Hotel sales

Timed feedback Request feedback after stay is over

You can collect feedback from the guests using Chatdesk. You can set the time, as to when this feedback is requested from the guest.
For example-

You want to collect feedback, 1 hour after the checkout time of the guest? Yes you can do that.

Hotel feedback

Service analytics. Know your hotel service.

With Chatdesk you can see the number of requests a guest has made, how fast was the request completely serviced, who performed that request and at the end of the stay what was the feedback of the guest.

All this provides you with a great level of engagement intelligence and well as the ability to gauge the value that Chatdesk is currently delivering to your hotel.

Hotel analytics

Future plan? Great features in the pipeline.

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Conclusion Engagement is crucial.

In the age of OTAs, the experience and loyalty of the customers has become very important and technology has become the window of people to experience the world. For your guests to experience a world class service, you need to ensure that they can feel connected to the hotel at all times. This means that they can chat with the guest engagement staff - before, during and after the stay.
Chatdesk ensures that your guest can experience all this, while keeping the effort needed to minimum.
So don't wait, serve your customers in the way that they deserve in the age of mobile phones and technology.